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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Women and Shopping

We have a gorcery store about a block's distance from our place across the road. It's a small store, nothing fancy. Just your usual odds, bits and ends. We(or more precisely, I) do our gap-fill shopping here. We call it gap-fill because we do the main shopping from one of the big stores. This store helps us tide over from one main shopping to another by providing the small bits and pieces that have skipped our mind or we just happen to run out of in the middle of two main shopping trips.

My wife hates going down to this store. According to her, it's too far off. In fact, in her words "It's too far off from waaaaaay over there!" It's this phrase that baffles me the most. I have tried to analyze thngs from all possible angles but it still eludes me. Let me explain and then you can tell me if you can do any better.

We go main grocery shopping atleast twice a week. That's how long fresh vegetables last in our refrigerator, according to my wife so we have to restock lest we run out of health food(huh?). We roam all the aisles and go over some aisles twice because we forgot the shopping list at home and buy as things come to mind. At this point, I like to point out that the store is a fairly big one and it takes better part of two hours to do our crazy zig-zag dance and finally decide we have bought enough of the list(the one we forgot at home!)We have just walked three football fields end to end but my wife is not tired. If it were upto her she'd do the same thing again..a couple of times over! It's impossible to think that this is the same woman who refuses to walk the 30 meteres to the store and back! So what is it with Women and Shopping?!

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