Enlightened ones

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Be here now

Finally arrived in Qatar. It's been a hectic trip with delays and all but I am finally here and so far I think it's been worth it, al hamd o lillah. So its new reponsibilities, new projects, new job, new office, new organization, new people, new culture, new city and a new country. :)

I like my new job just fine. But I get the distinct feeling they are expecting me to work...at least for some part of the day!

The days are truly whizing by. It's already been a week since I joined. They work from Sun-Thu and have two days off which is excellent. The working hours are to die for...7.00 - 2.30 and are flexible too. Just have to be in by 8.30. I, myslef, prefer the 7.30 - 3.00 slot.

I am going to open a bank account today. Let's see what kind of customer service they have here...but after dealing with Saudi banks for 5 years, I think I am going to like it!

Well, that's about it from Doha, Qatar. Wish me well in my new job. Take care dear readers and from now on you can just call me....the "Web Master".(Don't forget the quotes!)