Enlightened ones

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back in Black

Trying to pick up bloggin again. Maybe it'll be easier with IE8 Accelerators. Just installed IE8 and taking it out for a test drive right now.

Other things I have adopted over my MIA (Missing In Action) time on blogger are:
  • New Font: consolas. All my Developer tools use this font now. :) Recommend you try it. Available on Microsoft Machine by default.
  • VS 2008 rocks. Although I recommend MS do somehting about the ViewState! There must be a feature to disable it. See, I have an application with over 2000 checkboxes and it REALLY slows the crap out of it while rendering and submitting. I can handle rendering time by just making a copy from the VIEWSOURCE and pasting into an normal HTML file but what about the submitting?! Any ideas are welcome. (Send me an email..)
  • DW CS3, Flash ActionScript 3, Flash CS3, Photoshop CS3. The suite is simpy amazing. And I love the new AS3 coding style and conventions.

More later.

(Byt he way, this is coming in thru IE8..:))