Enlightened ones

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Do you know what I mean?

My wife complains that don't listen to her. She says that she will go on and on and I'll stare at her very intently but not understand a thing. I don't blame her, but it's really not my fault! Women in general have a tendency to go on and on. They go through an event in a breadth-first fashion meaning they will tie up all the loose ends and clear everything up as they go along. For example, this is a typical answer to when I ask how her day was...

So I reached school and I met Mrs.Xyz at the door. Mrs.Xyz is the neighbour
of Mrs.Abc. She was also there at that function last week where I met Mrs.NMO.
Mrs.NMO's leg is much better but her daughter just had an operation and her son
is flying off to America today. She is really depressed. Her son got a job in a
new dotCOM company. He is hired as a computer programmer and will be working on
.NET. He studied from NED in Karachi in 1998. That was before al the riots in
NED. Now NEd is among the top colleges of Pakistan. Since the information
Do you see the way it goes? Do you see my predicament? By the time we tie all the loose ends and come back to her meeting Mrs.Xyz at the door, I am lost. And on top of that, meeting Mrs.Xyz at the door is the begining of her day. She's not even in yet!!!!! Information overload, man! Total System Failure even!

The reason is not that I not a good listener its' the simple fact that the Almighty created men differently. Men and women are like Apple and Intel. Mac and Windows. Pen and pencil. Have nearly the same parts which work entirely differently. Men like their information in a different fashion. Finish what you started off to say and if something needs clarifying I'll ask you. the same conversation between two men would go somethig like this...

My day was fine. You know, the usual. Oh, by the way, I met Mr.Xyz,

Use this response with a woman and she'll stick you with 'You don't love me anymore!' Even Sherlock Holmes can't get this from what I said?! But women and language intrepertation is another topic for another day.