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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back in Black

Trying to pick up bloggin again. Maybe it'll be easier with IE8 Accelerators. Just installed IE8 and taking it out for a test drive right now.

Other things I have adopted over my MIA (Missing In Action) time on blogger are:
  • New Font: consolas. All my Developer tools use this font now. :) Recommend you try it. Available on Microsoft Machine by default.
  • VS 2008 rocks. Although I recommend MS do somehting about the ViewState! There must be a feature to disable it. See, I have an application with over 2000 checkboxes and it REALLY slows the crap out of it while rendering and submitting. I can handle rendering time by just making a copy from the VIEWSOURCE and pasting into an normal HTML file but what about the submitting?! Any ideas are welcome. (Send me an email..)
  • DW CS3, Flash ActionScript 3, Flash CS3, Photoshop CS3. The suite is simpy amazing. And I love the new AS3 coding style and conventions.

More later.

(Byt he way, this is coming in thru IE8..:))

Monday, January 05, 2009

Follow the day and reach for the sun

New year. New resolutions. Well, actually old resolutions again. Just never got around to keeping them!

Anyways. You know how you have that feeling that this year is going to be fun and different? That you are going to (finally) do all those things you have been keeping on hold? That everything is gonna be great and things are going to work out? That THIS is THE year!! Well, I don't have that feeling this year. In fact, I have never had that feeling. I wonder what that feeling is like...?

2007/08 were good years in hindsight. I have seen my children grow so much in these last two years. My son knows more about science than I do! Not that THAT is any achievement on his part coz I really don't know much about science. Heck!, until recently, I didn't know if the 'i' came before the 'e'  in 'science'! 

My daughter is well on her way to becoming a woman. 
  • She has started to ignore me. Well, my wife taught her that. 
  • She talks non-stop. 
  • She loves to argue. 
  • She gets her way  most of the time. Yep, you guessed it - the waterworks.
  • She shops for her own clothes.
  • She will insist on trying shoes that OBVIIOUSLY are not her size.
It's amazing she learnt all this in UNDER THREE YEARS!!

I just wanted to point out that I usually base my post titles on song or movie titles. This post is based on a lively song. The lyrics are forgettable but the tune just puts a hip in your stride. You can't help but feel good about this song.