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Saturday, February 04, 2006

A muslim's thoughts

I am a muslim. Not as avid as I'd like to be but I do try my best, Al Hamd O Lillah. I believe that if you have the urge, Allah will guide you. Allah does not guide you as a shepherd. That is not His Sunnah (preferred way of doing something) Guiding as a shepherd was the Sunnah or Sifat (property) of the Messengers of Allah. And their time has long passed.

The big events impact our lives and force us to think but it's the small events that shape our lives. To recognize Allah, we need only to look into ourselves. At ourselves. We are a super-complex Multi-celled organism. Our brain is the epitome of multi-tasking. Our reflex actions and concious motions together form the most complex of movements. Walking, for instance, is a form of controlled falling. Speaking involves a huge array of muscles with nano-second precision. Our hearts beat constantly for ALL our lives. Never a moments rest. Can man even create a single cell? Or anything even remotely close to it? From scratch!?!

Islam(religion of the muslims) is a religion of peace. In fact the word itself is derived from Salaam which means peace. Peace with friends, peace with neighbours, peace with onself and peace with one's enemies. A muslims response to a personal attack should be a peaceful prayer in favour of the attacker. That is the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (Salalaho Alaihe Wassalam).

Prophet Mohammed (Salalaho Alaihe Wassalam) is held in the highest respect after Allah Himself. He was the most beloved of all Allah's creation. Allah has talked to Musa (Alaihe Salaam) and invited Issa (Alaihe Salaam) to spend time with Him until the time nears the end of the world. But Allah loves Mohammed (Salalaho Alaihe Wassalam) the most. To ridicule Mohammed (Salalaho Alaihe Wassalam) is a transgression. I don't know if this warrants a Call To Jihad or not. Probably not. But it does warrant voicing anger, resentment and repulsion to the act and that is what most Muslims are trying to do/show around the world. At the same time I have tried to explain why it is a cause of so much resentment and anger on part of the muslims.

May Allah guide us all to the right Path. Ameen.

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