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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My wife: "I want to buy this dress."
Me: "But you already have a brown dress!"
My wife: "I have a Sienna dress not a brown one. And this isn't brown, it's Earth Brown."
All I can manage is "!!!"

Colors. It's a woman thing. Aside from the primary colors most men can manage brown, grey, black, white and orange. With a college degree he can also manage, off-white, cream, olive, turquoise and silver. With a PhD some men manage apple green, mustard, blood red and rose red. Married men can differentiate between gold and silver too but that's just because the HAVE TO! But that's the extent of it. Women on the other have a pallette having in excess of the 16 million shades that a computer monitor manages. An average Jane can name more shades of red than an average Joe's list of ALL colors...twice over! I mean, she can find shades of white in a blank paper!

Anyways, thanx for tuning in folks. I'd better go and hep my wife look for her Fuschia dress. (Whatever color THAT is!)


Dinky Mind said...

lolz...There are certain area where a husband can't beat his wife


MintChocolate said...

Attention all males.

Correction, correction.

Women dont wear/buy the same dress in different colors.

They can buy same shoes in different colors, or makeup in various shades of the same color, like there are a trillion different shades of burgundy only.

When God has made so many colors and a vast array of shades of each color, why not paint the town red (or burgundy or crimson or ... or ... or ... )

And for the record, I HATE FUSCIA!