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Monday, February 13, 2006

Drew Very-More

I love to draw. In fact, if I spent the same amount of time working, I'd be a millionaire a couple of times over by now! As the title suggests, I have loads and loads of my drawings just sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen to them.

The problem is the end result of an hour of concentrated sketching and frequent rubber use, doesn't end up with very interesting results...not all of the time the,though. There are those rare few occassions that keep me coming back to the drawing board when I can stand back, look at my drawing and think, "Who drew that?"

Here's one
A friend of mine said that I am so corny that if I get any cornier aliens will try and make their wierd-ass shape-signs on me!!

Anyways, I was thinking how cool it would be if I could put up my drawings on the Net and some Steven Speilberg comes along and gets inspired and offers to dedicate his next movie to my drawing (or better still, pay me for my drawing! ;)) So I finally went ahead and used a BLOG where I could upload my drawings for the world to laugh at!

You can check it out. It's the first link in my sidebar under the LINKS section. Don't worry...if you get scared to death, you can always come back here and get bored to death!

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