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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Whereever I may roam

"So I take a left then?", I ask my wife. And she says,"No right. The left will take us to..". When I drive, I need a navigator. And more often than not, my wife is my navigator.

My wife is great with directions. It's like she just knows, you knwo? You take her to one of her friend's house where she's never been before and she can sleep walk to it the next time. Explain her directions to your place and she'll end up drawing a small map and proving that she knows a shorter way between your home and where you work than road you have been taking home from work....or the past 25 years! I mean, if it was still open to discussion, she'd prove that the shortest line between two points is NOT a straight line!!!

Me, I am the guy who can loose his way to the bathroom. If you hand me a train, I'd try to take a right where the tracks go left! I am really not good with giving or taking directions. After seven years(has it really been that long!!) of married life, my wife has developed navigation as a second nature. She will automatically change all my RIGHTs to my LEFTs to make sure we reach our destination. Without her, I'd truly be lost.


Dinky Mind said...

hahaha....nice, humourous post. My mum's the same, but my dad's even better :P

How about your son??? Like his mom? :P

WiseOne said...

My son has an excellent memory, masha Allah. He's not into directions but man can he recall events! After three weeks of cramming for his tests day-in and day-out, he remembered that bfore his exams started I promised to take him to the playground once his exams finish!

Promising him anything is like killing your cat...it WILL come back to haunt you!!

MintChocolate said...

Yeah its been Seven years!
And the MOST frustrating thing is that you manage to loose ur way to the bathroom, even though u have been doing it everyday (maybe twice or more) for everyday of your entire life!!

That makes me say ""???""
(for those of you who dont know, I'm the navigator wife)

WiseOne said...

Hey mint, You should thank GOd, I find my way to the bathroom eventually.
Think of the mess!!