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Monday, April 17, 2006


Last night at around 11:55 pm, The Almighty blessed us with a small 3.3 kg bundle of joy. She's tiny. She's cute. She's cuddly. And she is beautiful. May Allah make her a joy for her family and an asset to the muslim ummah.

With loads of duas(prayers) from all around, my daughter starts her journey in this world from a tiny nursery wrapped in luminescent white. Holding her for the first time in my arms reminded me of when my first born, Usama, was born. Small and fragile bundle with a lion's roar to cry with. Hence, appropriatley named Usama. We have decided to name her Umama after a sahabiya. The meaning of the name is still being sought but it's enough that a sahabiya was named as such.

I went to see her today in the nursery. How can something so beautiful be awarded to a sinner like me is truly a monument to the Rehmat of The Rehmaan. Glorified be Allah, The Creator, The Omnipotent.

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Dinky Mind said...

That's my name!! Yes, that's my name!!!


*dances with joy*

I really love those girls who are named Umema....cuz there are just few of them and they are real cute and cool